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About us

Well, a few words about goals of the project. We are going to write a programm, which can help anyone to model simple or complicated systems of simple mechanical objects and support quite a simple API to make it posible to create any objects with any deep of structure. Now we started from implementing a simple system of objects and some simplest objects. Now implemented:

  • material dot - the simplest object with mass(m), charge(q), coords(x,y,z) and speed(vx,vy,vz)
  • link - now it is just a spring between two dots with initial length(l0) and koefficient of acerbity.

Now a few words about development team. The project started on January 2003, as schoolar project on addvanced informatiks lessons at 5-th school at Dolgoprudny, Russia. Several pupil took part in development on first stage: Andrey Mazo, Daniil Ostroukhov, Vladimir Osadchi.

At the second stage we published our project at Sourceforge.net and Richard Shaw joined our team.

If you want to join us, need support or something else - join simphysmodel-devel mailing list. Or you can leave message at public forum